Our Services

Our vision:  Health information within arm’s reach for patients & providers

We work with people and technology that support the medication-use process.

Look to us to be YOUR:

  • Ally - execute a collaborative model of support

  • Source - share experience and best practices

  • Coach - liberally share knowledge

  • Detective  - simplify and solve complex application and workflow problems

  • Voice - facilitate projects large and small

  • Architect - design and execute optimization and upgrade plans

  • Insurance - keep your patients safe and your staff informed

What we ARE


  • We are laser-focused on safe medication use

  • We are seasoned, licensed, Epic-certified pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, nurses & healthcare leaders

  • We are responsible stewards of your company's money using efficient remote & on-site support tools

  • We value your trust, deliver transparency & take pride in long-term client relationships

What we ARE NOT


  • We are not generalists

  • We are not solely technologists

  • We are not interested in projects that fail to advance patient care and safety

  • We are not a staff augmentation firm

  • We are not interested in advertising - your recommendation to your colleagues to engage with us is our measure of success!

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